5g VS 4g speed…What is 5g download speed Mbps?

5g vs 4g

5g vs 4g speed

What is exactly 5g??????????

There has been lots of talk about 5g coming, but most people probably don’t even know what that means. There are other terms as well that we have seen, such as LTE, which is a term that came out of the blue day. What does that mean? Is it 5G? Is it better than 4G or 5g VS 4g speed? That is all the stuff that we will be answering today, and hopefully, a way that is pretty easy to understand now first.

        5G              4G
The 5G network is more capable. The 4G network is less capable.
20 times Fasten than 4G.   1 GB speed per sec.
5G supply 100 MB of daily speeds per second 1. You could acquire 10 Mb per second in your 4G system
More devices can be paired with 5G than with 4G. Fewer devices

Wrong thinking about 5g…..

Before we start, we need to get one thing out of the way, which is a mistake that the world sees so many people making. They need to understand that 5g cellular has nothing to do with five gigahertz Wi-Fi. When we are talking about routers in their home that does Wi-Fi, those are going to be using two different frequency bands, 2.4gigahertz, and five gigahertz, which a lot of times companies and people will incorrectly refer to these as 2.4 G and 5g, but that is not correct its gigahertz, and so it is understandable. Let’s begins with our topic, 5g VS 4g speed.

 why this might be confusing 5g vs. 4g,

So to understand 5g. I am going to mentioning in this content is a completely different thing. It is unrelated to Wi-Fi,5g cellular does not even use the 5gigahertz spectrum, so it has a totally different technology frequency. You get the idea, so with that out of the way, let us get into.

 What does the 5G mean?

 So we are talking about 3G 4G 5g that G is going to refer to the generation of the cellular network technology, so it is more than just how much faster it is just because it is a new generation doesn’t mean it is just faster there is a lot more that goes into it. It has been that a new cellular generation comes around every ten years or so, and we are coming up on that in about 2020 and usually.


 these new cellular generations will require new hardware and stuff, so they are very different now. I would say that 3G is probably the first one that many people became aware of because there was the iPhone 3G, and then people were, Oh,

what is this 3G thing?

It is a type of cellular technology and speed, so that is what we will mention quickly even though it is not super relevant anymore, and three when it first came out was actually pretty darn slow. It had a speed of around 200-kilo bits per second, so yes, that would be 0.2 megabits per second extremely slow;

however, over time, the 3G technology did improve, and these days 3G can be anywhere up to 20 megabits per second or more, and this improved technology is usually called 3.5 G or even 3.75 G to show that it is better than the original 3G that being said though companies still typically do refer to it just as 3G they do not bring out of the 3.5 genes, all that it is probably too confusing, so know even if you see that icon dropped down to 3G or something it does not mean it is prolonged as when 3G first came out it is probably faster than you think so it might not be that bad, but in any case, 3G is pretty much old news these days so let us not well on


so the next big one would be 4G fourth generation, and of course, this replaced 3G, and like the others, the 4G spec is a specification which means that it kind of defines minimum requirements what kind of technology frequencies it uses all sorts of standards, so it is not just referring to Like what companies use. Oh, this equipment over here is 4G stuff.

 In most examples, it sure it does not, but that is like the ideal maximum, but 4G does have a minimum spec of 100 megabits download speed now that will be essential. We will talk about that in a second because I am sure a lot of you are thinking, wait for a minute 4G I have 4G or 4G LTE, and Ido not gather megabits per second, or I had 4G, you know years ago. they were used to doing 3G, but 4G was just impossible for them to do because it was a minimum of 100, they could not do it, so even though these companies were kind of creating this network


It is more like 4Gwell, not really, but we are working on it, and it is still better than 3G, so this is why you pretty much never will see an advertisement by a cell company that says 4G. So it is almost always going to say 4G LTE because they can’t necessarily advertise 4G. It is not up to that spec, and if you’re wondering, wait for at the minute that’s stupid because they are still calling it 4G LTE, why would they add something onto it if it is not the original thing in the first place,

yes, it is stupid and get ready because it is about to get a lot dumber even and here is where it gets even a little a bit more confusing because the future step in the 4G content is 4G LTE and 4G LTE modern and like LTE 4G LTE advanced is just another improvement on the spec towards the ideal maximum of one gig down 500 megabits up.

4G spec:

 it is not quite there yet. It is just another improvement over a regular LTE. Still, the thing is the LTE advanced spec also has a minimum speed of a hundred megabits per second like the regular 4G spec, so technically, yes, 4G LTE a sometimes called 4G LTE plus could technically just be called 4Ghowever, LTE advanced will probably never just be called 4G because of marketing reasons I mean up until now, people probably assume well 4G LTE that’s a thing added onto 4G it must mean it is better than 4G, which is the exact opposite of the case because regular 4G has not existed until now, and with The whole 5g is coming. It is probably not even. Worth it to try and educate the masses.

There probably will be calling it LTE advanced, or LTE plus makes a lot more sense in people’s heads. As a side note, you guys might remember my other contents,

80s fake 5g:

you have probably seen many articles talking about 80s fake 5g where they wanted to leapfrog in front of the competition and lie, and they started calling their LTE advanced 5g  as in 5g evolution, so in the ultimate irony, as 80 finally can get speeds that can genuinely be called 4Gthey decide to lie instead and call it 5g, it is not 5g at all. It is just 4G in. It is the correct form.

 They are just like skipping a generation, it is ridiculous, so I am not going to get into that. If you want to see my other articles, I’ll probably put a link pop out or something like that. Just know that 5g from AT&T, not 5g at all. It’s 4G, so before we get to 5g.

 Let’s quickly go over what we just talked about 4G in a summary kind of way,

 summary of 5g vs. 4g:

so, in the beginning, the 4GThe specification was created. It was just a definition and said if you want to call your speeds  4G, you have to use this type of technology and get these speeds companies could not do that, so they created 4G LTE, which meant faster than 3G, but we’re working on getting it to real 4G after some time passed they improved upon that even further. They got to 4g LTE advanced, which actually can be considered 4G, but they’re not going to call it that because it would be too confusing, so now finally onto 5g like the generations before in its most proper form, it’s just a specification that says this is what the ideal speed would be and it has a minimum speed as well.

5G faster than 4G:

 so again, it’s not just that 5gIt faster than 4G, and that’s it.

It has other features, such as

  • much lower latency.
  •  It also has a higher bandwidth capacity.
  • Higher capacity for a number of devices does actually have a much, much faster upper limit, the ideal of 20 gigabits per second per device.
  •  it does have a minimum as well of one gigabit per second,

so to be 5g, it has to be a gigabit per second minimum, and as for that latency, it has to be around one-millisecond latency, which is extremely low, and with having a latency that low that actually introduces an entirely new use for 5g that was not possible before and that is home internet, home internet usually.

if it’s hardwired, obviously it’s going to have a lot lower latency than what we used to have with 4G where you know you’d sell send the signal to the cell tower it might have Layton sees of like100 milliseconds or something like that if it’s one millisecond, you could use that as your standard internet with no lag on anything, so that’s what many companies are doing when they’re first rolling out 5g in cities, and that’s exactly what Verizon did,

for example:

 they rolled out a 5g modem that you hook up to a router, or they provide you with one, and then the 5g signal is your home internet. You don’t have to go to the cable company to get a fiber line or a coaxial line. It’s coming over the air, and yes, these companies are actually providing the minimum true gigabit requirement, so you’re getting wireless gigabit for your home, and it is important to understand that 5g is such in the early stages that it is pretty much just being tested out in a very select number of cities just for home Internet not being used in phones at all.


I think there is a single phone on the market that supports 5g, or if it does, then you could not use it well because no companies have rolled out cellular for 5g that works with phones only for home, so we probably will not actually see real 5g rolling out in any meaningful way until next year like 2022, so I expect the new iPhone or any other phones to have 5g.

It would not even make sense no one would be able to use it. They are probably just going to save costs and release it when it is usable, so hopefully, that clarifies the differences besides just being faster. You can now understand different sub-classifications of the different generations we had, like 5g VS 4g speed advanced. It is a mess, but I think might’ve explained in a way.

Hopefully, you guys understand 5g VS 4g speed.

Let me know in the comments if you did understand 5g VS 4g speed.

 It’d be great to hear from you to check out some other contents I have about technology trends.

I will just put them right here. You can click on those, so until next time, guys, be seeing you.


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