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7 Major Issues With Apple Watch (2023)

No matter how much we love the smartwatch from Apple, no matter how much we idolize the novelty as one of the best technological solutions, still there are questions about the gadget. The device is very fragile, although it is equipped with sapphire crystal, moisture protection is also available, and it seems that there are no problems. Let’s not forget that there is such a thing as the “human factor”. We can put a heavy-duty case on the device, glue an anti-shock film, and attach a strap, which tightly fixes the watch on the wrist, but still, we will be afraid of our device. In this article, we will analyze in detail the typical malfunctions of the Apple Watch and figure out where to go in case of this or that breakdown, for a comprehensive restoration of the beloved device.

1. Full iPad setup

So, we’ve figured out how to set up an Apple Watch with your smartphone. But is it possible to tether the Watch to the iPad? The tablet from Apple – is a full-fledged device. Connecting other products from Cupertino to it is quite realistic. The same situation is with the Watch. We download the Watch app from the App Store and synchronize it with the device. If the tablet is connected to your smartphone via WiFi then downloading the add-on from the Apple store is not necessary. In this case, the iPad will clone your phone and display the necessary information. Go to the menu of the device, find the Watch program and you will immediately see the displayed clock.

2. Changing the Glass on the Apple Watch

A common problem faced by an active Apple Watch user – a broken screen. Whenever your device has this sort of issue – be it Apple Watch, laptop, or tablet – take it seriously. Screen replacement requires professionalism.

It is not recommended to repair such a complex part on your own. Firstly, the procedure is painstaking and requires attentiveness and a professional approach. Secondly, the part is small-sized, mounted together with the touchscreen, and fixed with glue. This means that when installing you need to be extremely careful. In this case, it will not be superfluous to contact the service center.

  1. Before performing the manipulation, turn off the device using the button on the side edge. To disconnect the defective part from the main body, the screen is heated all around with a special hair dryer.
  2. During the work, carefully inspect the gap between the display and the main part of the watch. Using a thin scalpel, a pro would carefully lift the display. Particular attention is paid to the cables, through which the part is attached to the case. You can damage the wires and the device will not work at all.
  3. Just below the display, there is a small glue layer. Be careful with it too. The slightest careless movement can damage this delicate part.
  4. After removing the damaged part, use tweezers to remove the battery, and be sure to hold the cable.
  5. Before installing the new part, carefully inspect the disassembled case to prevent dust and water from getting in. With special tools, the part is attached to the case and glued.
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3. Moisture damage

Another common issue for many users of various gadgets. Apple ensures its smart gadgets are against moisture and dust. Nevertheless, warns its loyal fans against excessive exposure of the device to water, and here contact with sea water is recommended to reduce to a minimum. All because such water has salts, and this mineral corrodes chips and boards on any device. Do not despair if you have flooded the device.

You should contact the Apple fix service center to repair the Apple Watch after a bath. The service manager will inspect the watch – the washing procedure is quite popular. For quality results, it is necessary to perform the repair work in a sterile room. The watch is disassembled and all microcircuits are blown with a unique hair dryer. Then the device is left to dry for several hours. That’s all, now you know where to clean the Apple Watch if you encounter water.

4. Apple Watch won’t boot

If your Apple Watch won’t start up and refuses to respond to button presses, try to figure out what caused this problem:

  • The power button is defective.
  • Moisture inside the unit.
  • The update is not performed correctly. The OS installation process fails.
  • Mechanical damage. The watch will not turn on if it has been dropped.
  • Battery operation. Pay attention to how the device is charging. The watch may stop responding because the battery has failed and the Watch simply needs to be replaced.

The lack of response of the gadget on pressing may be because there was a failure of parameters. Pay attention to the pop-ups on the device’s display. Developers have not invented pop-up messages for anything. In this case, too, do not neglect iWatch repair in the service center if it does not boot. Qualified specialists, through diagnostics, will figure out why the watch stopped working and will fix the breakdown in a matter of minutes.

5. Problems with charging

Another fairly typical malfunction encountered by fans of apple technology. And now about the causes of the occurrence:

  • Battery defect. Battery wear and tear due to long use are not uncommon. We are already used to the fact that such a part sometimes needs to be replaced.
  • Accessories. Apple cautions its users that only original products should be used. Budget copies should be used with caution. After all, a poor-quality charger can ruin not only the battery but also disable the entire device.

To find out if your watch is charging or not, pay attention to the watch screen. When you connect the device to the magnetic charger, a lightning icon should appear. This indicates that the charging process has started.

6. Problems with the Apple Watch Microphone

One of the most important components of the Apple Watch is the speaker. And if you are faced with the fact that the microphone in the Apple Watch does not work, you need to think about what could have triggered the malfunction. Let’s still break down why such a part can break:

  • Software failure. The problem can be caused both by faulty installation of the software and failures in the main settings.
  • Mechanical damage. Accidentally dropping the device, or throwing it into a bag or backpack with a lot of sharp objects.
  • Moisture and dust penetration. The microphone may stop working because the part is clogged and wet. The oxidation process has a detrimental effect on fragile microcircuits.

Trying to fix the problem at home is not recommended. After all, only a trained pro can find the cause of the malfunction.

7. The watch doesn’t pair with the phone

When you start the process of pairing your phone and watch, a suggestion appears to bring the iWatch to the iPhone. It often happens that such a message does not pop up. So what should you do if the Apple Watch doesn’t see your phone?

  • Previously created pair. It happens that you forgot to disconnect the previous device. As a result, the new device simply will not connect. To do this, you need to break the pairing with the previous device, then a new pairing will be possible.
  • Model incompatibility. Check whether the devices are compatible with each other. It is possible to connect the Apple Watch starting with the iPhone 6s. Earlier versions do not support the Watch app.
  • Software failure. In this case, restarting both devices will help. After restarting, it is also desirable to check for software updates. The watch often loses communication with the smartphone when the right software is not installed.

So, if the Apple Watch does not connect to the phone, do not get upset. If you couldn’t fix the problem yourself, go to the Apple service center and order an Apple Watch repair. Masters will pay maximum attention to your device and fix the breakdown in a short time.

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