Craigslist: Easy steps to make money on Craigslist

Craigslist is a free website/plate form where you can make money in different simple ways. By researching In the United States (2020), Craigslist became the quickest developing purchase and promoting plate form for their users. Craigslist is an online classified in which you can find things for sale, find a new job etc.

Craigslist facilitates in several ways, like it will pay you for just uploading a list of selected categories. You can promote your own business by placing ads. That will be completely free of charge but make sure that the ads will be related to a job. You can set your advertisement in this website’s “services” section. By doing this, you will easily reach your interested and targeted audience. Those people work for you and help you in your business growth. In this way, people will find jobs through which they can earn. Your business will also grow, which will also be beneficial.

This website almost covers each category. There are many cities involved in this plate form. However, The chances for people to find a job, post their items for sale, and many other services will increase. You have a particular craigslist account so that craigslist’s users can contact you quickly. You can also add your private email address so craigslist’s users connect with you privately, but craigslist does not recommend this.

Here I will show you easy steps to work out to generate money on craigslist powerfully.

Posting Your items on Craigslist

Firstly you have to make an account on craigslist before they can allow you to create any post thing or list free items. So for you to create an account. On the top left side of the craigslist page, you can see where it says “create a posting” or “my account”. You can click on any of them. Than go to the next page by clicking on it, which has a few steps to follow. You can’t follow them until to have a craigslist account. On the right top side of the page, it will say create an account. Click on it they will ask your email account to activate a Craigslist account.

                                        Now you can post your items by going to the top left side of the page again. Clicking on “create a posting”, choose your location and enter your email account. However, You can select your category for posting the item. You can do multiple types of jobs on this plate form.

Selling on Craigslist 

This is the very most accessible way to earn money on craigslist. We have a lot of stuff available in our houses that are unwanted for us. Or that stuff that is out of style or trend, so we didn’t want to keep it with ourselves or waste it. So the straightforward way is to sell that stuff or product on this plate form named “Craigslist”. To sell your product, you have to take care some tips and tricks to attract the user to buy your product.

Post an attractive picture of your product. Although, You have to mention the quality of your product in your description. Make sure your description’s words will match your actual product.

Reselling on Craigslist

This is the most intelligent and easy way of earning money on craigslist. In this method, you can resell your products at higher prices. You can also purchase a product from craigslist and resell it on the same plate form. You can buy at low prices by negotiating and reselling them at high prices. Another way is to refresh your items. Those items which are not very attractive or their physical appearance didn’t match with prices of your demand. To resell, restore your items. Post their beautiful picture so that users will happily pay high costs that will help you for earning.

                     Post your reselling items with a catchy “Title”. That type of title shows the item’s usefulness. Also, mention the benefits of your item and why someone buys your item.


Here I would like to say that the ways I mentioned above don’t show your earning limit. It’s up to you how would you offer your services to the targeted users . In this era, finding jobs through newspapers is not good if you have a plate form like craigslist. Craigslist has a vast and authentic audience that will increase the chances of a person’s economic growth. Although, The exciting thing about craigslist is that it doesn’t demand highly skilled people. You can earn online with very little hard work. The main thing for beginners is that they will surely know about the “terms” and “Policies” of this website.

So try all these intelligent and most accessible ways for earning purposes. Enjoy all the facilities of this website named As “Craigslist”.


“Afreen Sheikh”

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