Imginn Instagram: Download Stories, Videos, Posts Like A PRO

You’ll learn about the Imginn (Instagram Downloader) from me. Because it will show you how to follow people’s stories and photographs without actually knowing or following them, this post will be fascinating. Many users merely want to watch other people’s Instagram stories and images; they do not want their accounts. They are the target audience for this content.

We’ll learn how ImgInn works, its features, and, most importantly, if it’s safe to use.

What exactly is imginn Instagram?

About Imginn

You can access Instagram using Imginn. Com even though without creating an account. A Facebook account is needed. You will consequently need to create more accounts for your company. If you only post a few images daily, then it might be worth signing up for it.

You can post more than ten pictures daily if you have a legitimate Instagram account. Additionally, you receive 50 photo credits per month when registering for this app. Each month’s credit balance is carried over to new days without additional fees.

It’s pretty easy to save Instagram photographs online with Imginn.

  • Download Instagram users’ creative avatars, reels, and also videos.
  • An Instagram user’s private accounts cannot be concurrently downloaded and searched.

Imginn Instagram Account Creation in a Few Simple Steps

Note: There’s no need to create an Imginn Instagram account. So, You can download stories; videos post without making an account. But if you want to make one, then follow these steps.

Step 1: Set Up An Account

To make an account, you don’t need unique expertise or abilities. So, To begin, kindly provide your email address. This doesn’t need to be your company email.

If you want to protect your identification, make a password that contains at least eight characters, one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and one number one symbol. Additionally, the password needs to have at least one number.

After completing the simple registration process, you can immediately see the highlights of Instagram stories.

Step 2: Log In To Your Imginn Instagram Account

  • Click the Login button
  • And then, enter the username OR password.
  • The same one that You decided on in the registration procedure to gain access to your brand-new Imginn account. 

“If your first attempt is unsuccessful, you should delete all of the cookies from your browser.”

However, Remember that you won’t need to go through the enrollment procedure again for subsequent logins to the Imginn website using a mobile or tablet device. 

Imginn Instagram Interface: How It Looks Like When You Open It

Imginn Interface

The website of ImgInn offers a clean, simple, and appealing user interface. It is simply a one-scroll web page experience. However, the active part is the website’s amount of banner advertisements.

On the official ImgInn website, you will see

  • Icons for Search
  • Stories
  • Photo
  • Video and Avatar 
  • A search field with the phrase “Enter username.”
  • “Remove account” and also “About us.”

How Does Imginn Instagram Work Without Making an Account?

Become familiar with viewing and downloading Instagram stories and videos without an account.

Step 1: Enter “ImgInn” into Google or your preferred search engine. And choose instead of

Search and find Imginn through google

Step 2: To start the fun, enter the profile’s username.

Enter username in Imginn to work

Step 3: The interface will display a list of relevant Instagram profiles upon searching. So, Select the profile account that matches it. 

Relevant results of Imginn

“Post,” “Stories,” and “Tagged” are located beneath the profile avatar. 

Post: The post menu will display all posts, along with any associated single, multiple, or also videos.

Stories: Because it lacks support, this will display the highlights rather than reels. 

The persons “tagged” on a post are those who are added for outreach objectives. Posts and videos from tagged accounts are displayed on the interface.

How Can I Download Instagram Posts From ImgInn Fast?

ImgInn makes downloading quick, simple, and friendly. Here’s how to start the downloading process:

  1. Utilize the search box and choose the resource type from the menu options (Stories, Photo, Video, and Avatar).
  2. Avatar and stories both operate using search terms. Hit the search icon after entering your Instagram username.
  3. Then, You need a link to download a picture or a video.
  4. Click the “download” button to start a download. So, There is no need to wait or join up.
Download videos, stories, post

How to delete an account on ImgInn?

Remove request in Imginn

1: Click “Remove Account” in the bottom area.

2: Then Enter the Instagram profile URL.

3: Enter your email address.

4: And then Press the “Submit” key.

Reminder: The procedure will take a few days to finish.

Some Negative Aspects of ImgInn Instagram

Private Account Limitation

ImgInn cannot monitor your private account. Thus, it is not possible to download posts and videos from private Instagram accounts.

Unable To See The Number Of Views & Likes On Posts

Users cannot view the number of views or likes a post has received.

Privacy Risk

Because the website lacks privacy notices or copyright issues, there is a risk related to privacy concerns and hacking.

Does this indicate that ImgInn can compromise data?

Yes, it might be feasible, depending on how you use the site. The website also has a lousy security rating, which I discovered throughout my tool analysis.

You can use Imginn Alternatives and Comparable Websites in this situation.

Top 3 ImgInn Alternatives to Consider

The following alternatives offer more features and possibilities if you are tired of using ImgInn.

1. SmiHub 


Firstly, Users can watch and download Instagram stories and other information anonymously via SmiHub, a service provided by StoriesIG. 

The website contains two menus, “Viewer” and “Downloader,” and an intelligent search function that considers username and link.

Unique Features:

  • Nothing to pay; free
  • Browse anonymously
  • HD videos and images are saved

2. Dumpor 


Secondly, A website resembling Imginn called Dumpor allows users to browse and download Instagram story views, pictures, and videos anonymously. However, The user-friendly interface invites them to search any Instagram account using their profile, location, and tags.

Unique Features:

  • Browse in privacy
  • Observe comments and also likes
  • Supported search for hashtags

3. Inflact


Thirdly, The most fantastic anonymous Instagram story viewer is Inflact. Without making an account, save videos and pictures. Automatically save IG stories from any public profile for free, across all devices, with no third-party app installation.

Unique Features:

  • Instantaneously and secretly see Instagram Stories.
  • Also, Take advantage of the free online Instagram service’s Stories.
  • Multiple devices are supported for search from any device.

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Imginn

1. Imginn: Is It Safe?

When our team uses a third-party technology to check Imginn, it receives a low-security score. So, there is always a risk depending on how you navigate the website.

2. Is Imginn Capable of Hacking Your Data?

Depending on how the service is utilized, you can be susceptible to being hacked. This is because they have a very low-security score whenever we evaluate this website online using several techniques.

When you access this website, something extraordinary occurs to you. There isn’t a single piece of information or detail about the owner on the website. All that is provided is a direct user interface that allows access to Instagram profiles; there is no security method.

3. How can I be sure that Imginn is being used safely?

We firmly advise you to utilize a virtual private network (VPN) whenever you access any website that offers an actual or potential threat to your life in the digital world. Use any virtual private network (VPN), but choose a provider known for its accomplishments.

When using Imginn, you should always choose a reputable and dependable VPN service because doing so will allow you to take advantage of the most intriguing and helpful features that a good VPN offers and allow you to browse the internet safely.

4. Can I save videos and photos from private accounts to Imginn?

Imginn does not allow you to save private videos and also photos of other Instagram users’ profile accounts.

5. Do I have to register for an Imginn account?

No, However, Interested users can browse, store, and back up Instagram content anonymously using the free-to-use website Imginn.

6. With the Imginn Instagram video downloader, what can I do?

Using a username or user link, you may quickly search users’ stores, pictures, videos, and reels. Additionally, users can do so by entering hashtags.

7. Is Imginn anonymous? 

The simple answer is No.


On this platform, you can view various stories from various web-based entertainment platforms, such as Facebook, Snapchat, and in particular, us on Instagram. While browsing this site, you can download any image or video that catches your attention.

Lastly, It might be a wise decision if you wish to follow an Instagram account without receiving notifications. However, This software allows you to view a person’s Instagram story or profile. It makes all of this possible. Other than a few restrictions, it provides a tonne of helpful features.

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