What You Should Know About iPhone Gaming?

iPhone gaming is a vast and ever-growing industry, with new games being released all the time. It allows your brain to relax and relieve stress after a long day’s work and worry and to think about something personally important and serious to you, focusing on beloved gameplay. Not only games with a well-thought-out plot can be useful – simple puzzles like Tetris make for a great pastime too. In any case, it is arguably more useful than just scrolling through the news feeds of the current era’s social networks.

But how does it affect the smartphone? Light puzzle games do not cause a serious load on the components. Indeed, it would be strange if the iPhone heated up because of Angry Birds or some Snake vs Block. However, not everything is that simple. If the game is filled with much advertising, your iPhone can still heat up after a while. So to be protected from this, you should choose games that need no access to the Internet.

Also, simple iPhone games can cause heating.

Because you switch between applications too often:

Playing something > replying to a message on Facebook > checking WhatsApp > returning to the game. The more frequently you do this, the faster your iPhone heats up.

Why does the iPhone heats up when you play games?

Even though the iPhone generally has a very high performance and is suitable for any game, this aspect of its use is somehow not that frequently discussed. 

Android gaming smartphones are mostly discussed as examples since they have a more elaborate cooling system. But these models are designed not exactly for those who like playing games on the way home from work. They better suit those who won’t let the smartphone out of their hands even when charging. At the same time, the iPhone is still a good device for casual gaming. You can play games on it all day, with only some small breaks – it is OK for both your smartphone and you.

Gaming usually seriously heats only the side where the iPhone’s processor is located – the chip, including a graphics accelerator, is working at full power, releasing a lot of energy. As you continue using it, the battery also heats up, taking on a serious workload.


The iPhone is hot all over the surface after an hour and a half or two hours of gaming. That is so because, in the enclosed space of the case, the hot processor and the battery without active cooling only increase the temperature. Sometimes the heat is felt even through a dense branded iPhone case, which is better to remove from the phone.

Playing on your iPhone while charging

Apple does not prohibit playing on the iPhone while charging. But taking off the phone case is better to avoid overheating. To this practical measure, you should also add turning off the internet and pausing all energy-consuming processes, including any movies you watch.

In any case, if your iPhone would discreetly reset the screen’s brightness in the past, warning you that it heated up a lot, now iOS 16 and 17 will inform you that charging is on hold due to increased temperature. So, you shouldn’t play on your iPhone while charging – the battery will live longer.

How gaming affects your iPhone’s screen?

Any screen burns out over time, but OLED displays are more susceptible. In reality, everything is relative: the OLED screen of an inexpensive Samsung smartphone can easily survive 5 years without burning out or getting dead pixels. The same is true when it comes to iPhones with OLED screens installed.

So, you can play games on your iPhone without worrying much about the quality of the picture. Another thing is how you use the screen: strongly pressing is best avoided. Otherwise, the glass will crack, or the matrix may malfunction. Otherwise, you’re set for a good gaming experience with your iPhone!


So, does the iPhone get damaged by continuous gaming? Like any modern device, a smartphone should be put to use, not just admired and stared at. Its resources, of course, can get used up, but that’s normal. Smartphone batteries don’t live long lives anyways, and the deterioration of the display is very hard to notice. It can only start showing some defects in functioning if you use the same phone carelessly for 10 years or so. 

Also, don’t forget two other important things. First, you better play in moderation, not for the sake of the iPhone, but for your good. Time is the most precious currency. And secondly, every device of yours should be repaired by those who can do it with due expertise, be it iPhone, desktop, drone, or PS5 HDMI repair pros.

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