Benefits of Professional MacBook Maintenance

Many people use devices from the MacBook lineup every day. We’re used to the ease of working with them. It’s safe to say that a device of this type won’t just let you down. But in fact, it also requires maintenance.

Indeed, a MacBook needs regular maintenance and cleaning, just like any device, various home appliances, or even your house itself. For example, you must change the oil and filters when maintaining your car. Same with laptops and computers – the device should be clean, and the software should be updated.

How does the cooling system work?

Any computer or laptop equipped with a solid cooling system requires maintenance to keep it functioning efficiently. The cooling is set up to draw in air from outside to keep the components running as intended. At the same time, clean and relatively cold air, dust, dirt particles and pet hair get inside the device. Sooner or later, this contaminates the air passages and reduces the cooling efficiency.

Apple’s portable computers are designed to be light and thin. Engineers have done an amazing job of ensuring that there are fewer voids inside the computer and that it is very thin. This makes cleaning such devices even more important. 

Note that a recently serviced MacBook won’t have much dust in it. But once you use a compressor or any other source of compressed air, you’ll see dust flying out of your Mac, which is not helping it to operate the desired way.

What happens when the computer is contaminated?

When a PC gets dirty, it starts operating in conditions it was not designed for. The active cooling system begins to run at higher speeds, resulting in increased noise and rapid wear and tear of the components.

Even a very fresh MacBook, say some Pro 13″ from 2020, can be in a sad state by now. At the very least, it will already be dusty without proper care, but all its cavities may be clogged with dirt. That’s why these devices need MacBook Maintenance and professional cleaning.

Also, do not forget that heat is transferred with the help of a thermal paste between the CPU and the heat sink. This special bridge helps quickly transfer heat from the hot processor to the heat sink. Over time, this paste dries out and loses its original properties. In case of contamination of the air passages and drying out of thermal paste, the computer starts working at peak temperatures, which is not what you’d like your MacBook to go through.

As a result, the device is forced to reset frequencies to cope with this load in addition to increased heat and noise. This is necessary to reduce heat when the cooling system can no longer handle it.

MacBook service


Such a thing is especially noticeable in summer when it is hot. In this case, in addition to other overheating components of the device, the battery begins to overheat, often leading to its bloating.

Which MacBooks need Maintenance the most?

Devices with an active cooling system (rotating fans) are at risk. They actively suck in air from the outside – along with dust and other particles, which can reduce efficiency. Fully passive cooling systems have lost their efficiency over the years as well. 

At the same time, the more the computer is used, the more it gets dirty. Some specific issues linked to dirt in the iMac computer include dust appearing on the corners of the display module. MacBook Maintenance is very essentionalThat being said, if the computer is serviced regularly, the likelihood of this problem decreases.

How often should the MacBook be serviced?

It is recommended to do it about once in 12-18 months, depending on your environment. If you work in a dusty environment, smoke near your computer, or have pets, do maintenance more often. If you work in some specific areas, such as a construction site, cleaning your computer more often isn’t a bad idea either.

The benefits of regular Macbook maintenance

  • Your MacBook will run quieter.
  • It will run faster with fewer frequency drops.
  • Cooler and battery wear will slow down.
  • There will be less overall wear and tear on components, so your device will last longer.

MacBook Maintenance aspects

Modern Apple devices are complex; thus, working with them requires much knowledge and skill. An inexperienced person is likelier to break something in the maintenance process and only get additional problems in the form of necessary repairs. For example, in a MacBook Pro 16″ 2021, simply getting to the heat sink requires removing 51 screws and disconnecting 23 cables to take it apart.

A professional who maintains these devices daily can handle a computer in 2-3 hours. A non-professional will take much longer. Therefore, it is worth entrusting it to professionals to avoid wasting time unnecessarily and ensure the result and safety of the costly components.


There are a lot of myths surrounding Apple products. The manufacturer is mostly silent about the need to maintain its devices. Ordinary users claim that MacBooks work well, and moments, when owners need to do something about them aren’t hauntingly frequent.

Yet it’s safe to say that, rarity or not, situations when you need experts to deal with a malfunctioning MacBook, happen sometimes. When such a situation emerges, you need to have reliable professionals by your side. For example, MacBook repair in Brooklyn is a question that has an easy answer since the team of Good Zone is always ready to demonstrate its expertise.

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