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Software Hubs are great tools for businesses. They are designed to handle various business functions, from creating interactive reports to helping companies grow. Like Trend Kite, one software allows you to customize your reports for your business.

Data transformation: What is it?

Data transformation is converting raw data into a format that can be placed into a database, data warehouse, data lake, or some other data storage system so that data scientists, analysts, and other stakeholders may use the data for analysis. There are various ways to transform data, depending on where the data was taken from and where it needs to be imported.

Electric Software Hubs

The Electric Software Hub is an EV testing center that features driveable prototypes. The facility includes three lower levels that house labs, workshops, and test benches, enabling users to test various electric vehicle models in temperatures ranging from -30 to 50 degrees and at speeds of up to 250 kph. The building also boasts 250 charging points to accommodate various charging needs.

Features Of The Software

However, The Electric Software Hub will feature open-concept workspaces and free-air areas, enabling the coworking community to collaborate in the same space and share ideas. A workshop of 14,349 m2. The building also features 333 parking spaces and eight user floors.

The Electric Software Hubs also houses a testing lab, creating and testing software components. The testing uses the latest generation methods, including hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) technology and virtual reality. This technology helps companies test prototypes and ensure they’re compatible with vehicle hardware and software.

Software Hubs

The Electric SoftwareHUBS boasts 70,000 square meters of space on eight floors. Although, The upper levels house software code creation and pre-integration labs. Also, These spaces are geared towards creating and testing individual components using virtual technologies and simulations. This technology enables employees to simulate a vehicle test using a virtual test drive. The lower levels, specialized for workshops and vehicle testing, contain laboratories and work benches.

However, The Electric Software Hub is designed to help Mercedes accelerate its transition to an electric future. The company is planning to develop entirely electric vehicles by 2025. Its team of 1,100 specialists from 19 departments will work to develop the software needed to enable these cars. This initiative will create 1,000 new jobs in Sindelfingen and 2,000 worldwide.

3D Hubs

3D Hubs software allows businesses to manage their 3D-printed parts. Its online portal helps companies find the best suppliers and quickly calculate prices. The software also checks for potential errors in 3D models. Users can create parts in a variety of materials and processes. It also offers bulk pricing and instant quotes. In addition, the company’s intelligent order routing helps businesses route their files to the most suitable supplier within the firm’s network.

However, The company’s software makes manufacturing quick and easy, offering customers the fastest lead times and the lowest prices. Its portfolio focuses on B2B and B2C SaaS companies. So, This investment will help the company expand globally and serve more customers.

Instant Pricing

The software also provides instant pricing and design feedback. Once a client uploads their CAD files, 3D Hubs automatically sources the right supplier. So, The entire process takes minutes. The software allows companies to work with suppliers on four continents and helps them manage their manufacturing processes more efficiently. This software will enable companies to turn their ideas into reality.

Although 3D Hubs software offers a variety of printing options and manufacturing solutions, but Its online manufacturing network gives engineers access to a global network of manufacturing partners. Users can upload their 3D models and get a price quote within a day. The company also provides a variety of manufacturing methods. The company’s innovative approach to the manufacturing process reduces manufacturing costs and enhances supply chain agility.


Lastly, Protolabs has acquired 3D Hubs. The acquisition will make Protolabs the world’s most comprehensive digital manufacturing offering. The company grew through acquisitions over the past two decades. The addition of 3DHubs makes it possible for the company to reach a new level of growth.

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