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Togglebox Review | What Customers Say?

Business uses VPS and application hosting extensively to manage their resources and data effectively and increase user accessibility. However, picking the correct application like togglebox to invest in such hosting solutions is a significant and complicated choice.

It can be challenging to pick one trustworthy firm where you’ll wish to invest your money when so many out there are providing the same services and making similar promises. So it’s helpful to read a thorough assessment of a business that offers the services you want.

Togglebox Ratings

Togglebox Ratings

In light of the foregoing, I’ve included a thorough Togglebox evaluation for you to read through and determine whether the business satisfies your needs for VPS and application hosting.

Cloudlets are the building blocks of Togglebox’s application hosting containers. Each cloudlet is granular, allowing you to scale CPU and RAM easily. With Dynamic Cloudlets, you only pay for what you use. This means you’ll never run out of space or resources. Whether your application requires a small amount of RAM or a large amount of CPU, you can be sure that Togglebox has what you need.

What is Togglebox

What is Togglebox

A business called Togglebox, formerly known as Tektonic, has been providing cloud solutions ever since the technology first gained traction in the market.

A pioneer in the cloud industry seeks to provide premium performance and also highly customized cloud hosting services at a competitive price.

With a mission and vision to provide high-performing cloud VPS and application servers hosted with cutting-edge technology and offered at low costs, it rebranded in 2011.

Observation & Test

We have extensively studied and analyzed Togglebox based on the commercial usage of cloud VPS and application servers.

The outcomes of each test and analysis we ran on Togglebox are listed below.

1. Aesthetics and Usability

Control panels for cPanel and WHM are available from Togglebox. It will automatically set up the LAMP stack for you, offer fundamental security, and update your server. You can easily manage a CentOS Linux server using industry-standard control panels.

However, The web-based control panel offers all the choices you need to fine-tune your server settings, including a simple file manager, module control center, and tools for managing users, databases, and subdomains.

livechat of togglebox

2. Support for Togglebox customers

Customer service at Togglebox is pretty good. You can get in touch with the Togglebox support staff in a number of ways. You can contact them by live chat, email, or support tickets. They also offer a thorough information base for your assistance.

3. Our Experience

When we used live chat to test the assistance, we received a response immediately. As a result, we can state that the help is available around-the-clock and that you won’t have any call drops.

4. Risk Assessment

With a dedicated virtual firewall, Togglebox provides managed firewall services to secure your servers from unauthorized networks. The Managed Virtual Router service comes with an IPsec-compliant stateful firewall. The virtual firewall provides the following features, for example:

Rules-based on-time traffic patterning GeoIP throttling Anti-spoofing managed assistance No-Cost Consultation resource flexibility

Key Offerings of Togglebox

Features of togglebox

The following are a few of Togglebox’s most notable features:

1. Various operating systems

Windows, Kubernetes, Linux, Docker, Java, PHP, and other operating systems are all compatible with Togglebox VPS and application servers. Therefore, when purchasing servers from Togglebox, you need not be concerned about the operating systems or VM hardware.

2. Virtual Routers:

For your cloud environments, you receive personalized routers, and their full setup is managed. Consequently, you can start working right away.

3. SSD Storage:

All VPS and application servers have fast, high-performance SSD storage. Your servers will, therefore, constantly operate at their peak speed.

4. Quick Recovery:

Critical losses to the data are always avoided. Additionally, a strong disaster recovery plan is in place to guarantee that any losses are covered and are not critical if the data is ever in danger.

Web Hosting Services That Togglebox Provides

The many web hosting services that Togglebox provides are listed below:

  • VPS cloud hosting
  • hosting an app
  • hosting for WordPress
  • Regional WordPress hosting
  • Hosting for Java applications
  • Hosting for Node.js applications
  • Host Kubernetes

Cloud Servers

Togglebox’s cloud servers are available in many different configurations and provide high availability. They feature automatic, daily, and atomic hourly backups on high-performance, dedicated backup disk clusters. The Togglebox cloud servers also offer scalability, reliability, and support. Togglebox also offers dedicated support for Dramas cloud servers.

Using the Togglebox cloud servers is easy and affordable. offers low prices and excellent support. Also, Its cloud servers are fully customizable. You can start with a base configuration and add memory, storage, and speed. So, You only pay for what you need, with upward limits set based on usage.

Whether you want to build a website, host a server for a client, or run a small blog, the Togglebox cloud servers can help you achieve your goals.

Dedicated server technology is limited in terms of scalability. Dedicated servers have a finite amount of space and rigid specs. They also require a great deal of management, configuration, and updating. Downtime can be significant if hardware fails.

Server maintenance is expensive and time-consuming. In contrast, cloud server technology offers cost savings and the ability to scale without worry. It’s easy to deploy and manage, and you can start generating revenue almost instantly.


Togglebox is partnering with Jelastic to offer Docker Swarm Auto-Clustering. With the ability to manage the nodes on a cluster, users can scale up or down automatically based on their needs.

Togglebox’s new platform is fault-tolerant, which means that any application can be run with a minimal amount of downtime. In addition to Jelastic’s renowned pay-for-use pricing model, Togglebox also offers Spring Boot Hosting.
Docker is an open-source platform for developing and running applications in isolated environments. Unlike a traditional hypervisor-based virtual machine, Docker containers let you use more computing capacity and run applications faster.

However, These containers are portable, easy to use, and perfect for high-density environments and small and medium-sized deployments. As Docker is open-source software, it is free to use and install.


ToggleBox runs a distributed storage system consisting of 40 servers connected with redundant 10Gbit Ethernet. The company needed to replace its previous storage SAN, Nimble, which had IO bottlenecks affecting customer experience. Also, CPU upgrades were becoming more expensive. Kubernetes could help them stay ahead of the curve.

Besides Kubernetes, Togglebox also provides Jelastic’s managed Platform-as-Service offerings.
While there are numerous advantages to implementing Kubernetes, this technology is still relatively new. To get started with the platform, you must know some basic jargon.

So, If you are unsure how to proceed, consider hiring a company that offers Kubernetes as a Service. The services offered by these companies will help you navigate the complicated process. It is also possible to use a third-party CNI for extra vendor-specific capabilities.
Aside from being free of charge, Kubernetes is also supported by most major public clouds. Moreover, Kubernetes is highly portable, with no need to install or upgrade the platform. It is also compatible with existing solutions and is open-sourced.

As a result, Kubernetes is the foundation for modernizing applications. With Kubernetes, you can automate day-to-day operations and improve application development.


Although, Togglebox is a cloud-based hosting platform that offers MySQL, PostgreSQL, Maria DB, and Oracle databases. But, This service includes automatic database clustering. It supports MySQL, Maria DB, and Oracle and multiple replication methods.

Togglebox also offers automatic deployment. This means that all the configuration work is done for you. Users can focus on coding and running their applications. You don’t have to worry about database maintenance or configuration.

Price Plans Of Togglebox

price plans of togglebox

Pros and Cons of Togglebox Hosting

We discovered some of the main advantages and downsides of Togglebox’s services after testing them for both their pros and cons.


  • 24/7 assistance
  • Pay-Per-Use charges
  • Modern and simple UI


  • Downtime is common

Togglebox Review FAQs

FAQ of togglebox

What Togglebox package should I choose?

With Togglebox, you can choose between a monthly cloud VPS or an hourly cloud VPS at very reasonable pay-per-use rates.

How does Togglebox handle refunds?

Togglebox provides a hassle-free and unequivocal seven-day money-back guarantee.

How many different data center locations does this company offer?

Two data centers for Togglebox are situated in Dallas and also in Philadelphia.

How To Create an Account on Togglebox?

Users can simply create an account by filling email or their essential details. So, no technical knowledge is required to make an account on togglebox.

Creating account

Summary of the Togglebox review

Lastly, With outstanding pricing plans, Togglebox has been in business for over fifteen years and provides fantastic cloud VPS and application hosting services.

The website’s live chat feature is also handy because a person will respond immediately. Togglebox is a highly recommended provider of cloud VPS and application hosting services due to these factors.

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