What Is Web 3.0? Definition and Examples

Web 3.0 Definition

Web 3.0 has been around for a while, but what precisely is it, and how will it affect our lives? First of all, I would like to clarify what is web 3.0 ,

“You can remember 3.0 as the next generation of the Internet”

Web 3.0 is the third generation of internet services for applications and websites that will focus on using a machine-based understanding of data to provide a data-driven and Semantic Web. The ultimate goal of Web 3.0 is to create more intelligent, connected and open websites.

Now let’s discuss 3.0 in detail. First of all, we will talk about the examples.

Web 3.0 Example

8 Examples of Web 3.0 Apps

  1. Apple’s Siri 
  2. Wolfram Alpha
  3. Facebook
  4. Steemit
  5. LivePeer
  6. Brave Browser
  7. FileCoin
  8. Experty

Are examples of web 3.0 applications

Web 3.0 Technologies 

Web 1.0 and 2.0 pioneer Jeffrey Zeldman wrote a blog post in 2006. Expressing his support for Web 3.0, which he called “the next generation of the Internet.

Even though it only provided minimal information. And little to no user interaction. The Static Web, or also Web 1.0 as it is more commonly known, was the first and most trustworthy Internet in the 1990s. There was no such thing as a user page or also even commenting on a post back in the day.

However, this made it incredibly difficult for individuals to find the information. They were watching for on the Internet in the early days of the Internet. However, A one-way highway with only a tiny pathway where only a select few were responsible for creating content. And most of the information was sourced from directories.

Several online pioneers, such as Jeffrey Zeldman, have contributed to the Internet’s current set of tools. (still to come) (yet to come).

Web 3.0’s Core Characteristics | Features

The four most important aspects of Web 3.0 must be examined to entirely grasp the future phase of the Internet.

  1. Ubiquity
  2. Web of Semantics
  3. A.I.
  4. Graphics in three dimensions (3D)

1. Ubiquity

Ubiquity of web 3.0 refers to the ability or aptitude to be everywhere at once. For example, a Facebook handler can take a picture and quickly share it with the world. Which makes it accessible to anybody who has an internet connection, no matter where they are.

2. Web of Semantics

The study of the connections between words is known as semantics. 

Web semantics would allow computers to decipher the meaning and emotions of data through data analysis. Also Improved data connectivity. Means that web users will have a more enjoyable time on the Internet.

3. A.I

With the ability to read or comprehend the sense or emotions communicated by a customary of facts, Web 3.0 devices enable the emergence of artificial intelligence (A.I.). 

A good example is Trustpilot. An online review platform that allows customers to give feedback on any product or service they use. However, To make up for the lack of merit in their products. Companies can assemble a considerable number of individuals or pay them to pen positive feedback. Because of this, the Internet relies on A.I. to learn how to discern between accurate and fraudulent data.

4. 3D Graphics and the Web in 3D

However, Spatial Web refers to Web 3.0 goal to blur the digital and real worlds. By modernizing graphics technology and bringing 3D virtual worlds to the forefront.

With 3D graphics, immersive experiences may be achieved in a wide range of industries. However, From gaming to real estate, health care, and e-commerce, to name just a few examples.

The Final Words

It provide An improved search engine. And a more personalized and customized browsing experience. These are just some of the new Internet’s decentralized advantages. That are believed will help to create an equal web in the long run. There are several ways to accomplish this. Including giving each user control with their data. Or providing a comfortable, immersive overall involvement.

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