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World tech toys drone | Review 2021

World tech toys drone review

World tech toys drone review

Hello readers, I’m back and what I got for you today is the world tech toys drone (Stryker spy drone). It’s got a 3d flight video picture camera, four main rotors, and 2.4 gigahertz for outdoor flight. It comes with a memory card and an adapter included, so let’s open up this box and see what we got here.

Review of Stryker spy drone by World Tech Toys drone

I’m assuming you can hear my air conditioner blowing in the background. Here it is blazing hot outside, and I’m not going to sit in here with sweat while I’m doing this, so here’s what’s in the box you got the quad, and it comes with a bit of camera here as for quality of the camera I wouldn’t know I haven’t tried it yet.

Still, we’re going to get a flight out here and test all that too. You can’t remove the camera. There are two screws right there. You can remove the camera and unplug it or the battery and the quad already and plug it in.

It is right there in that hole. It’s a microbe, Losey. It looks like it, and there’s the on/off switch here on the back.

Okay, getting that tucked in when it’s plugged in is a pain, but we’ll find out that the quad props are pretty flexible. I don’t know how well they hold up and have some good flexibility with these, but they could end up hitting the support, too, in a crash.


    • This thing is pretty light. I don’t have a big enough scale to set this on this weigh it, but it feels like a hundred grams 150 grams perhaps, so it is brush motors.
  • They put in going this way, and there’s a gear. So it’s a geared system that looks too shabby alright the transmitter.
  • It is a giant transmitter that comes with these bits of protective pieces. There is no altitude hold, so you have a moat to with your altitude, and this thing has batteries. It takes four double a’s to let’s turn this on.

see what this screen of world tech toys drone looks like here apparently gives your signal strength which I don’t know how that’s going to be because it’s already showing a full spent signal, and there’s no quad turned-on battery strength, and it’s just got pretty much yeah there we go

It shows your throttle there, but you have your great switch right here. Yeah, this button does nothing. There are three rates supposedly to do your video and take a snapshot. You got your flip switch over here. And I can’t remember what this one is off the top of my head, but you got your trim switches here. These do nothing.

Striker SPY drone parts | World tech toys drone

You have one battery in the quad already, and it comes with two batteries altogether, and they are 3.7well 500 milliamp batteries, so you have a second battery there. Get this box out of the way.

Okay, so you got the second battery. We have four different crops. Now you have a battery charger, a USB charger with the micro low C, a screwdriver, and you have a USB dongle, and you have an SD card. This is a one-gig SD card already. Check to see how big it was, so you got a card reader and an SD card.

And the SD card goes into the camera right there in the back, so they’re nice enough to give you an SD card – it’s all you want for the gig.

Still, I’m sure that’s probably like a point three-megapixel camera or something I haven’t tested yet, so I don’t know what it is, but you got all that with suk won, so let’s get the book out, and the book it looks pretty good.

Oh, wait a minute, here you go. 

Your speed control is the top, and I said the speed controls here are four headless modes, and the rate controls up here. This button does nothing. Of course, your video and pictures are your flip switch yep, flip stunts and trim, so that’s pretty much all there is. There’s nothing in here about calibrating.

I look through this. I have not seen anything about calibrating the quad, so the LCD interface synced here.

But I do not see anything about calibrating that level or anything like that shows you what they call accessible mode is headless, so yeah, there’s nothing in hereabout calibration, so I’m going to have to figure out how to calibrate that. I’ll do that during a flight test to show you, but this is what you got in there. It’s a toy grade quad, and I did pick this up where somebody didn’t want it. There’s brand new in the box.

So they just sold it to me for a few dollars, and I figured what the heck that’s another video, so yep, the world tech toys striker spied on a quad spy drone with a camera.

Striker Spy Drone Camera | World tech toys drone with camera 

So I’m going to get this thing together and do a flight check flight test o. it demonstrates the camera demonstrates the transmitter once I figure out especially how to calibrate it so I can show you that too, but yeah, I like this. They gave you a one gig SD card with the USB reader that’s your charger, two batteries even, and for extra props, so it is not about I mean, it’s a basic looking quad, not bad looking, but it is pretty light I don’t know how durable this is going to be I guess we’ll find out after a few crashes, but you know let’s get out here, and I’ll get it charged up, and we’ll do a flight test, and okay flight test on the striker spy drone get this thing turned on transmitter find it okay let’s see

If this camera is going to work, yes, apparently it’s going to work late. Come on, so we’re going to try to do some video and a couple of snapshots as well.

Drawbacks of Stryker spy drone | world tech toys drone

Let’s see what this thing does great one and that breeze it’s just a slight breeze is just taking this thing away I’m going to break three now, and that slight breeze is still taking the way I can’t even get the video button, alright there we got the video button should be recording now.

Yes, even though the transmitter is not responding as it should, it’ll react one time I push the stick, and the next time it won’t do anything or leave it off. so I figured on the unboxing just by looking at this thing; It is junk.

I do not recommend world tech toys drone this and whatsoever very slight breeze in the air. It’s not even if there’s no power to it.

I’m full throttle, and it’s barely moving I don’t even recommend this for a beginner because even a beginner would never learn how to fly with this thing is the transmitter itself their responsiveness of this thing is horrible. It’s supposed to do flips, but I don’t know if I can do them because it’s so unresponsive. Let’s get up there and try to flip.

No, it doesn’t convert okay with the second Clippers Bobby.

I still probably didn’t ever recover from that quick today. A helicopter flying over us precisely like a flight helicopter tried another flip real speedy, yeah, and full-throttle, no recovery. This thing is so underpowered horrible response doesn’t want to turn one time and turn another time pitch roll everything. It’s just half the time it’s responding. The other half it’s not.

I’m full throttle, that’s the full-throttle that’s not doing squat we’re not even halfway with the battery yet alright pal the throttle full throttle that’s it there is nothing that this has that I would recommend I mean, it’s got a camera on it. Still, the camera is its junk – it’s like 0.3 megapixels. See, this is so small it’s not even staying up in the air anymore. It’s not responding to my six-man, not every time there’s just no way this is this is junk.

Review about Price of Striker Spy Drone | World Tech Toys drone

Believe it or not, this thing sells for around $80 that’s. The average price I’ve seen on this thing is $80. It is junk. The only reason they’re charging that much is probably that it has a camera, and the camera is not worth no$80 the quad itself is wonderful ones look at this come on throttled open you want to stay on here. The battery isn’t even spent yet.

I’m full throttle right now. It’s not responding to my Sam, and partly how about that one?

It responded well. The breeze is calm down to nothing now, pretty much, but it’s still not responding. Bravo hit the ground. It is junk whatever you do.

Final Review of Striker Spy Drone | World Tech Toys drone

I would not recommend this striker spy drone duh what the world tech toys drone is?

Yeah, that’s about all it is. A toy probably is better suited for using it like a ninja star than a quad. Yeah, that’s about all it’s suitable for, but there’s no way I’d recommend this.

So I don’t even know if I got any video on that it showed it was recording, but I’ll find out when I get this into a computer, so yeah, no way do not recommend a striker spy drone not worth it.

Thanks for reading.

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